hotboxing a car

The Ultimate Guide to Hotboxing

The Ultimate Guide to Hotboxing

Hotboxing a car or any enclosed space can be very fun but is not something to take lightly. It is possible to deprive yourself of oxygen, and inhaling too much smoke or carbon dioxide can have negative consequences. None of this information is advice; proceed at your own caution.

What is hotboxing? Typically, it means sitting in a car, rolling up the windows, and smoking a bunch of your favorite herb with your friends until the space fills with weed smoke. There are lots of other spaces you can hotbox (think: bathrooms, tents, and even igloos). More on those later.

6 Steps for Hotboxing Your Car, Tent, Bathroom or Otherwise

  1. Bring supplies. For us, that means a silicone bong and a wide variety of herb. But don't overlook other necessities like water, snacks (munchies are in your future), music, and perhaps a trippy light.
  2. Find an enclosed space. The smaller it is, the less weed the people involved will need to smoke to create the hotbox. Keep in mind how many people will be smoking. You do, however, want some ventilation, or else the people involved may not get enough oxygen. Bad news.
  3. Spark it up, pass it around, and don't bogart the herb.
  4. Make sure everyone is OK and that you're getting enough ventilation. If you're hotboxing a car, crack a window. If someone isn't feeling well, open the doors.
  5. Enjoy the trippy atmosphere brought on by hotboxing.
  6. The more peoples smoking, the easier it is to hotbox a car, tent or any other venue.
hotboxing a tent

4 Things to Know Before Hotboxing

  1. It can potentially be dangerous if you do not get enough oxygen or inhale too much smoke. Though it sounds lame, safety should always be first.
  2. Whether you're hotboxing a car, a tent, or a bathroom, know that whatever it is, it will smell like weed for a long time. And not just a little: the space will be permeated with the scent of your favorite weed strain. In other words, be respectful. Don't hotbox someone else's car without their permission.
  3. Set the scene: Make sure everyone is comfortable and put on some cool music (or fun lights). You may have a snack and some water.
  4. Though research from John's Hopkins University didn't observe a difference in cannabinoid levels between people hotboxing a car and those in a ventilated area, the experience of sitting in a smoked-out box is different--and notably trippier.

What Is Hotboxing?

It means smoking weed in an enclosed space, such as a car, bathroom, tent, or igloo. Hotboxing is best with great music, good friends, and snacks.

Best practices involve making sure you're in an enclosed space BUT that you can easily ventilate it if people get too stoned or you feel that there isn't enough oxygen in the space.

If anyone is feeling lightheaded, make sure they take a breath of fresh air rather than keep inhaling more smoke.

Hotboxing became popular because smoking in public isn't possible in most places. Many states with legal weed have laws about smoking cannabis in public places—and enforce them. As a result, many have turned to smoking in their cars. Thus the hotbox was borne.

How Does Hotboxing Differ from Regular Smoking?

For one, it's iconic. And though research does not show that hotboxing elevates cannabinoid levels (think: THC and CBD), many will attest that hotboxing a car produces strong psychoactive effects—i.e. gives a trippy high.

4 Places You Can Hotbox

  1. Hotboxing a car is the classic move because it can be sealed off and is a small space. It's also easy—as long as the owner isn't upset with the pungent smell of weed.
  2. Smoking in a tent is also an option for people exploring the great outdoors. Of course, the size of the tent and how well it can be sealed off will affect how much smoke you need to generate.
  3. Igloos are an unconventional--and awesome--option, too. They're both an ideal-sized space and have cool air, which is refreshing. It can also get less smoky than hotboxing a car.
  4. Bathrooms are another easy place to hotbox if the above aren't available, though know that the stench of weed will last a long time. Again, the smaller and more sealed off a bathroom is, the more effective it will be as a hotboxing venue.

What Is a Jamaican Hotbox?

Great question. It means hotboxing a bathroom while turning on the shower to create more humidity. Some attest that the humidity changes the experience, making the air heavier and the atmosphere trippier. It's called a Jamaican hotbox because of Jamaica's signature muggy and hot climate, and its famous love for the herb.

What Is Hotboxing? A Weed-Smoking Tradition

Though a relic from pre-decriminalization times when cannabis-related crimes were subject to harsher punishments, hotboxing a car, tent or bathroom can still be a fun, community activity. For one, there's not much like enjoying a bowl of your favorite herb with your friends, amplified by trippy smoke.

It also reminds us that, at its root, cannabis culture is communal: It's all about sharing, laughing, and smoking with your friends.

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