Silicone, Dishwasher-Safe & Crafted for Potency


Shatter-proof silicone

Hydroponique is the powerful, cleanable, and medical-grade silicone bong of your dreams. Featuring the perfect angle for easy hits, a suction base, ice catcher, and squishy silicone design, Hydroponique is the eye-catching, shatter-proof* bong you've been waiting for.

Free Shipping

Ships for free in 48 states within 3 business days.

Made in USA

Giving back to the country that has given us so much.

30 Day Returns

Returns within 30 days receive a full refund.

Ice Catcher

We decided that you deserve every hit to be silky smooth. That's why every Hydroponique comes with a peace sign ice catcher.

Suction base

Great for the edge of your coffee table and that friend who broke your last bong. Sigh. That won't happen with Hydroponique.


Because no one deserves a grimy bong. Hydroponique is engineered from tough, medical-grade materials, so you can throw this bad boy in the dishwasher as often as your heart desires.

How to Clean

American-Made Quality

We believe in employing Americans and empowering our community. That's why Hydroponique is made in USA.

Spiritually-strong hits

Engineered by people who love the finest of medicinal herbs. Not only does Hydroponique pack a punch, but it's built from medical-grade silicone, which will never affect the quality of your blend.

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