The 15 Best One Hitter Pipes & Dugouts for a Hazy 2021

The best one hitter pipe and dugout sets of 2021 are more than a 'one hit' wonder (we blame our puns on the herb). They're easy to use, carry, and easy to clean--the most underrated criteria for choosing the best one hitter or any other smoking accessory. Think you've seen it all when it comes to gunky one hitter pipes? Check out the best one hitter dugouts of 2021 for a modern refresh.

As members of the industry, we've done a lot of research over the years on the best accessories. Why? It's helped us create one of the best products out there. More importantly, because we have a deep love for the herb and other innovators out there. In the following guide, we go over the best one hitter pipes and dugouts for travel, a strong hit, discretion, aesthetic, and more. If you're still not sold on one hitters, we'll also talk about how to smoke a one hitter, how to clean one, plus a little history because we're nerds.

The Best One Hitter Pipes (2021 Update)

Here are some of the best one hitter dugouts of 2021, according to our esteemed council of smokers. Note that we don't collect any sort of commission for adding items to this list. We're' focused on making the best silicone bong instead.

  1. For the Tech Bro: GRAV's Helix Chillum
  2. For the Prince: Hightanium's Fender Box Tri Chamber
  3. For the Mountaineer: SilverStick's Aromatic Wooden Dugouts
  4. For The Aesthete: Tetra Duo Pipe
  5. For the Traditionalist: Elevate Accessories' Colfax Dugout Kit - Walnut
  6. For the Artist: Stonedware's Purple Instructions Included
  7. For the Minimalist: The Dart
  8. For the Beauty Queen: Jane West's The Wand
  9. For the Penny Pincher: SMOKEA's Cigarette One Hitter

Other One Hitter Pipes and Dugouts We Enjoy

Because we couldn't decide.

  • Marley's Natural Small Taster Bat
  • Wander Bud Moon Pipe
  • RYOT Wooden Magnetic Dugout with Matching One Hitter
  • Tetra Voltaire Pipe
  • Marley Natural Smoked Glass Taster
  • High Knife
  • Stonedware Robin's Egg Grey Speckle
best one hitter

Why You Should Trust Our Best One Hitter Guide

Because here's a list of our priorities:

  1. Your herb
  2. The dopest-designed products
  3. Empowering small companies

The best one hitter pipe is a timeless smoking accessory great for taking that 'one hit' at a concert, on a hike or wherever the open road takes you. Easy to fit in your pocket and repack at will, one hitter dugouts are one of the most convenient, portable, and easy-to-use smoking accessories. Today, there are more variations of this classic design on the market than ever. Before you know how to use a one hitter, it's essential to know how to choose the right product for your needs -- and your health.

Avoid cheaper products from the local bodega made from mystery materials and opt for something more durable, healthier, and prettier. Here's why we love the aforementioned dugouts and pipes.

GRAV Helix Chillum: Best One Hitter for the Tech Bro

Price: $23.99

  • Smoke spinning design
  • Great for cooling hits

Great for: The entrepreneur with the next best thing

Why We Love It: You don't have to be a tech bro to love the GRAV Helix Chillum. This eye-catching chillum is made from glass marble and doesn't require any water or accessories. Wondering why it's called the Helix? GRAV's unique design spins the smoke, delivering a cool (and potent) high with every use.

Hightanium Fender Box Tri Chamber Is Fit for a Prince

Price: $129.99+

  • Small, travel-friendly design
  • Includes titanium one hitter
  • Removable, cleanable bowl

Great for: Turning heads almost anywhere

Why We Love It: This princely dugout is handmade and features thoughtful storage for your herb and taster bat. Not to mention, the Fender Box is also smaller than the average 2-inch dugout. Each Fender Box comes with a titanium one hitter, however, you can add on a taster bat featuring a removable bowl (great for cleaning).

SilverStick Aromatic Wooden Dugouts for Mountaineers

Price: $40

  • Storage for two strains
  • Sustainably-sourced wood

Great for: Mount Rainier and rustic campfires

Why We Love It: Available in cedar, walnut, cherry, and maple, the SilverStick is one of the best one hitter dugouts of 2021 because it's great on the go. Each Silverstick features storage for two weed strains and your pipe. Concerned about the environmental impact of your THC habit? These taster bats and dugouts are engineered from sustainably-harvested materials.

Tetra Duo Pipe: The Aesthete's Kryptonite

Price: $50

  • Heat-resistant glass
  • Modern color block aesthetic

Great for: Parties at your post-modern penthouse

Why We Love It: We are obsessed with the vibe. The Tetra Duo Pipe has a unique color-block design and is slightly bigger than your average taster bat. Engineered from borosilicate glass, the Duo Pipe conducts less heat, allowing for cooler hits.

The Traditionalist's Elevate Accessories Colfax One Hitter Dugout Kit

Price: $75

  • Smell-resistant storage
  • High-quality wooden finish
  • Magnetic closure

Great for: Smell-resistant storage in your Aston Martin

Why We Love It: Classic enough for George Clooney, The Colfax Dugout Kit in Walnut or Maple is as durable as it is beautiful. It comes with an elegant taster bat as well, that stores neatly inside the dugout. Though traditional in appearance, this one of our best one hitter dugouts because of its modern touches too: It features a magnetic closure, great for smell-resistant storage, and is the perfect size for your pocket.

The Best One Hitter for the Artist: Stonedware's Unique Geoipes

Price: $80+

  • Three sizes available
  • Porcelain
  • Hand-made in the USA

Great for: Your coffee table covered in art books

Why We Love It: Talk about a unique taster bat. Not only are Stonedware's geopipes individually sculpted from porcelain, but these American-made taster bats are also easy to clean and deliver a smooth smoking experience. We're suckers for accessories that work as dope as they look. Stonedware also wins the award for 'Best One Hitter to Put on Your Coffee Table.'

The Best Minimalist One Hitter: The Dart

Price: $9.99

  • Easy to clean ash
  • Anodized aluminum
  • Discreet size

Great for: Smokers who aren't impressed by bells and whistles

Why We Love It: Engineered from anodized aluminum, The Dart is durable, easy to use and clean, and made in America. Specifically, it's one of the best one hitter pipes of 2021 because you can completely disassemble it for easy cleaning. Simple, elegant, and easy to use, The Dart is a classic.

Jane West The Wand, The Best One Hitter for a Beauty Queen

Price: $38

  • Innovative mascara-inspired dugout
  • Multi-tool included

Great for: The sneaky stoner ladies out there

Why We Love It: Want to keep your smoking habit to yourself? Keep it on the DL with The Wand by Jane West, which looks just like a tube of mascara. The bottom compartment holds all the flower you need, while the top has a unique self-cleaning design. It also features a built-in multi-tool (you know you're going to need it).

What Is a One Hitter?

What is it, anyway? Also known as a taster bat or chillum, this unique pipe featuring a bowl that is designed to be used once (or twice, depending on the bowl size). This is where this iconic smoking accessory gets its name from.

What Is a Dugout?

Often associated with a pipe or included, a dugout, also known as a taster box, is the wooden or steel box that comes with a taster bat. Though there are different variations, a dugout typically has two compartments: one for the herb and one for the one hitter pipe. The dugout is a discreet way to store a loose taster bat -- and the herb for when you want more than one hit.

What Do You Smoke with a Taster Bat?

Taster bats are designed for dry herb, also called cannabis flower, and tobacco. That means no oils or concentrates, though feel free to sprinkle a little hash on top. No matter your favorite strain, the right design makes it easy to savor the taste of your herb no matter where you are.

Taster Bat Advantages

There are a few advantages to opting for this tried-and-true smoking accessory. Here are a few reasons why Hydroponique's staff likes having a good taster bat on hand:

  1. Portability: Bring it to a concert, on a hike, or a party. The one hitter dugout fits easily in your pocket or your bag. Don't let a gust of wind ruin your smoking session. A taster bat is the ultimate wind-resistant smoking accessory.
  2. Easy to Use: Packing, smoking and emptying a taster bat is pretty intuitive (though we have a guide on how to us a one hitter further down). This makes it great for beginners and for anyone who doesn't feel like rolling a joint, especially if you're outside.
  3. Health: A pipe can be one of the most healthful ways to enjoy your herb. Unlike vape oil, which can contain chemicals and fillers that you don't want to inhale, you know exactly what you're smoking with a one hitter. Though not all models are made from the same ingredients, a silicone one hitter or wooden model may be a great, healthful option.
  4. Conserving your Stash: No one wants to smoke through their herb without savoring it. A one hitter pipe is a great way to smoke exactly what you need, and avoid packing a whole bowl as you would with a silicone bong.

3 Types of One Hitter Pipes

Chillums range from simple aluminum models to hand-blown glass to medical-grade silicone. Choosing the right taster bat for you will depend on your budget, the features you want, and personal preference. Here are a few types of pipes that you can find in stores today:

  1. Glass One Hitter: Glass is also great for smoking and can be a beautiful addition to any glass collection. However, keep in mind that glass chillums will be more breakable than other models. They're also not typically portable and often incompatible with dugouts. In other words, they're designed for home smokers.
  2. Aluminum Taster Bat: A more modern choice, many brands offer aluminum dugouts because of their durability. If you're looking for something that can take a beating, aluminum might be the right choice for you.

5 Traditional Chillums

As we mentioned earlier, people have been smoking from pipes for millennia across various cultures. Impress your friends by knowing the various origins of the taster bat as we know it.

Traditionally, Native American cultures smoke the calumet, also called the peace pipe. Similarly, in Japan, the kiseru made from bamboo, was used to smoke tobacco (see Smoke: a global history of smoking by Sander L. Gilman). In the Middle East and Morocco, people would use the midwakh (see this study on the contemporary rise of midwakh smoking) and sebsi, respectively. The term "chillum" -- which is sometimes used interchangeably with one hitter pipe -- originates from Nepal and India.

How to Use a One Hitter

There's a reason why we've been smoking a version of the pipes for millennia: They're easy to use -- and a great way to enjoy your herb when you're outside. Still, there are several things you should do (and try to avoid) to experience the best smoking session possible.

  1. Grind your herb: Though some people will put bud directly into their pipe, we recommend a coarse grind to get the optimal smoking experience. You can either store your herb in your one hitter dugout or bring a grinder along with you.
  2. Pack it evenly: Position your bat vertically to pack an even bowl. You can pack directly from the grinder, use the herb in your dugout, or pack from your hand. Whatever you gotta do, it's all easy with a taster bat.
  3. Light it and breathe in: For maximum efficacy, create a cherry (part of a smoking accessory that is actively burning) so that you can take a couple of hits without relighting. The best one hitter won't leave you with scoobie snacks.
  4. Dump out the burned herb: Tap your pipe against a harsh surface to clear it, whether you want to re-use it or stash it away for later.
  5. Clean It: Notice some resin build up? This is bound to happen after routine use. Use a paper clip or a metal poker to get that gunk out of there so you can enjoy your herb to the fullest.

Choosing the Best One Hitter Dugout for You

There are hundreds of one hitter pipes and dugouts on the market. We recommend you go with something high quality -- durable, made in America, and pocket-sized -- for the ultimate one-hitter smoking experience. Want something a little larger? A silicone bong may be the way to go.