cbg flower

What Is CBG Flower?

What is CBG flower? Also known as cannabigerol, CBG flower is at the forefront of wellness thanks to research on its medical and medicinal effects.

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what is linalool

What Is Linalool?

Linalool is found in many of your favorite strains, plants, and essential oils, has a long list of benefits. What is linalool? Your guide in 2021.

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What Is D-Limonene?

d-Limonene is a naturally-occurring chemical found in your favorite strains. Here are some of the benefits behind that soothing citrus smell.

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hotboxing a car

The Ultimate Guide to Hotboxing

An iconic tradition, hotboxing a car is a next-level way to enjoy weed with your friends in the trippiest of atmospheres. Here's how to hotbox.

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live resin

What Is Live Resin?

What is live resin and how do they make it? This unique concentrate is famous for its terpenes and flavor. Here's why everyone is talking about it.

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shatter definition

What Is Shatter?

What is shatter? This wicked strong concentrate is increasingly popular for good reason: It's delicious, colorful, and easy to handle.

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