Hydroponique Water Pipe

This shatter-proof* silicone water pipe is crafted for potency. Engineered from dishwasher-safe materials, Hydroponique features a suction base, a perfectly angled stem for easy hits, and a peace sign ice catcher. Made in the USA.
  • Crafted from durable, dishwasher-safe, medical-grade silicone
  • Squishable design for easy transport
  • Perfect angle for hassle-free rips
  • Removable glass bowl, stem, and ice catcher for easy cleaning
  • Suction base to prevent spillage

INCLUDES: 1 water pipe, 1 glass bowl, 1 glass stem, and 1 ice catcher.

DISCLAIMER: Hydroponique is for tobacco use only. This product is only available to customers aged 21+ and over.

Cleaning Hydroponique couldn't be easier. Take out the glass bowl, glass stem, and silicone ice catcher, then put all four components (including your water pipe) in the dishwasher.

Alternatively, you can clean all these components by hand with a gentle soap and a toothbrush.

Avoid exposing the silicone components to a direct flame. Though silicone can withstand higher temperatures than plastic, it can blacken and burn.

DISCLAIMER: Though Hydroponique's silicone components are shatter-proof, the glass components are not. Handle these with care.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Kitty Bliss
Great Product

Super easy to clean and made with medical grade silicone.

Lisa Wintler-Cox
Works Well

I didn't know how this would work, but I liked the idea of unbreakability. Was worried about the floppy nature of silicone. There is a thick peace symbol that keeps it in shape.

Hannah Freeman

Hydroponique Water Pipe

John Malone
Love it

Use it all the time. Everyone loves it.

How to Assemble and Clean Your Hydroponique Water Pipe

Ice Catcher

For silky smooth hits, use the peace sign ice catcher, also made from silicone.

silicone water pipe

Suction Base

Great for the edge of tables and that friend who breaks everything.

Made in USA

We're big on making things here. That's why all Hydroponique water pipes are designed and manufactured in America.

The Story Behind the Pipe

A few class water pipes ago, we at Hydroponique had a 420-inspired epiphany: What if we made a water pipe not from plastic, which can affect the quality of your herb, and not from glass, which shatters, but from the highest quality medical-grade silicone?

After much trial and error, we created Hydroponique: which features the perfect angle for a stress-free smoking experience and a silicone ice catcher so that you can have smooth, clean hits--all made in the United States.