These 14 Strains Are Packed With Myrcene

Couch lock, elation, and creativity are all potential site effects of high myrcene strains. Here are the best strains for myrcene's effects.
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What Is Linalool?

Linalool is found in many of your favorite strains, plants, and essential oils, has a long list of benefits. What is linalool? Your guide in 2021.
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What Is D-Limonene?

d-Limonene is a naturally-occurring chemical found in your favorite strains. Here are some of the benefits behind that soothing citrus smell.
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The Ultimate Guide to Hotboxing

An iconic tradition, hotboxing a car is a next-level way to enjoy weed with your friends in the trippiest of atmospheres. Here's how to hotbox.
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Amsterdam Coffeeshops Are Dope. Here's How They Work.

Though the herb isn't technically legal, Amsterdam coffeeshops are. Here's what you need to know about the Amsterdam coffee shop before you arrive.
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